Summer of Sonic 2016

Webwax were pleased to get involved with The Summer of Sonic Event in London again this year, (the event having had a short break). Webwax have been involved with helping run the E-commerce website for Sonic the Hedgehog for quite a few years and also get involved in this one day convention when it runs.

Whilst Sonic may now be the World’s oldest hedgehog (over 25 years old!!!), he remains a vibrant character for many young gamers and his appeal seems to continue on for a unique and dedicated audience.

The event itself is a combination of gaming, guest speakers and music and draws over a thousand people each time it is held. All the attendees hold their community in high regard and seem to enjoy both the event and each other’s company in equal measure. Many also have interesting and touching stories about the enduring appeal the character has to them.

Once again Webwax enjoyed being part of this community for the day running the merchandise stall. In conjunction with RHM Solutions our contribution to the day was very enjoyable and we also helped to raise over £900 for the charity Special Effect. Special Effect are a charity dedicated to helping those with physical disabilities (from stroke victims through to those with life-limiting conditions) to enjoy video games, leisure technology and communication.

In some individuals this can help kick start rehabilitation, inclusion and confidence. Special Effect have themselves attended the event so it was felt that this was a good cause to raise money for by holding a raffle (for a limited edition Sonic Statue that Sega had given us a while ago).

Webwax would like to thank everyone involved from the attendees (who make the day great fun) to the volunteers who always bend over backwards to help us.

We’ll see you next year.

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