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Corporate ID & Branding

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Corporate Identity is at the forefront of any company’s marketing. Providing a consistent and professional image through your website, social media, stationary and any advertising you do will help you stand out against your competition.

Corporate ID & branding

With the continuing expansion of online marketing having an easily recognisable brand continues to be vital for a company’s effectiveness in promoteing their services to the world.

Logos, business cards and adverts all reflect your company’s ideology and they can communicate to your employees and customers that your company is trustworthy, credible and professional.

We can design your logo and branding and provide you with the graphics and file types you need to keep your branding consistent whether it is on or offline.

Logo Design

Webwax consult with you about what you are trying to express with your logo and the kinds of designs and colour schemes that you have a preference for. Logos should reflect the aspiration of your business and convey this to those seeking your services.

We concentrate on creating logo designs that should last you and your approach to branding for a long time.

Whether you want your logo creating from scratch or want to modify an existing logo modified to improve it, call Webwax to discuss your needs.